"The idea of sex as performance is generally associated with male heterosexuality, and the element of working hard to achieve a spectacular orgasm is certaining present in much gay porn. Yet performance in the gay case means much more display, presentation, artistry, the commitment to entertainment — literally a good show. It is a construction of sexuality as performance, as something you enact rather than express.
Audience photographs posted on my Tumblr documenting 52  performances.

Gay men are as romantic and raunchy, as expressive and essentialist, as anyone else. Yet much facilitates a perception of (gay) sex as performance. Owning to one's gay identity — itself so fragile a construct — is perilous: seeing sexuality as performance rather than being is appealing, since it does not implicate that compelling notion, the self. At the same time, dominant culture does little to naturalize our sexuality, making it harder to see gay sex acts as a product of pure need. We are less likely to think of gay sex in terms of biology than of aesthetics.

Desktop video capture of me performing Moonikakas.jpg live on cam4.

Paradoxically, there is a kind of realism in pornography performance that declares its own performativity. What a porn film really is is a record of people actually having sex; it is only even the narrative circumstances of porn, the apparent pretext for the sex, that is fictional. A performance like [FkN JPGs] foregrounds itself as a record of a performance, which heightens its realism. It really is what it appears to be. This realism in turn has the effect of validating the performance, and the genre to which it belongs. By stressing that what we are enjoying is not a fantasy, but porn, it validates porn itself. By specifically celebrating masturbation, performance like [FkN JPGs] also validates the very response that porn must elicit to survive, that is, masturbation. The most exciting thing of all about porn is that it affirms the delights of that most common, most unadmitted, at once most vanilla and most politically incorrect of sexual acts, masturbation."
— Richard Dyer, Idol Thoughts, Critical Quarterly
I sold the props and my experiences of Moonikakas.jpg on eBay.

Last year instead of collecting, I created an archive. Every week I performed an image from my porn collection live on cam4, an adult streaming website. After, I posted the conversations, pics, and videos that were shared during each performance to Tumblr, sold the props on eBay, and solicited reviews from Mechanical Turk content moderators.

Lastly, I bought reviews from Mechanical Turk content moderators.

This year I unpack everything in hopes of understanding what just happened. Currently I'm working on two books of poetry and a series of paintings. The above quote is from one of many books that continue to help clarify the complexities of what was a simple premise to perform my porn.

Spreads from a forthcoming book documenting my Tumblr.

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