Photo by __________

This series was originally produced by J. Morrison for his Space is the Place performance series.
Photos taken by the audience and printed on newspaper.

I invited a small group of men to a secret performance. No one knew or was told what to expect. Each person was ushered alone into a dark room. Far in front was a camera sitting on a chair. Walking further in and around a corner they could see me naked on a mattress. I asked each to take photos of whatever, using me however for 10 minutes.
I used the cast-offs from the printing approval process of the zines to make new Risographs.

The photographs were collected on a website and then used in a zine that I'm still publishing. The format appropriates layouts from my porn magazines. Each issue features photos from just one person's oeuvre.

I thought it was appropriate to show off Issue 1 with photos by John, who’s an ex.

The final act is a video of me paging through the first zine.

Zine: Issue 1, Issue 2