The <im>Perfect Moment<s> appropriates a Robert Mapplethrope photograph found in my pornography. We recast it with various Larrys and Bobbys for us to play with representation, desire something more, and hold my porn accountable. The networked performances happen IRL while livestreaming to a sex camming website.

Larri and Bobbi Kissing
You and Bobby Kissing
Larry and Bobby Not Kissing

The first version of The <im>Perfect Moment<s> was part of an earlier series. FkN JPGs was a weekly networked performance. The Mapplethorpe was one of several fine art photographs that felt different than the more vernacular images that I was using. We were invoking history and questioning what is photography. For 352_LarryBobbyKiss_1979web0.jpg I kissed Paul Soulellis, Rhizome curator, RISD professor, artist and friend. The title here is the original name of the jpeg downloaded from the web. Photos courtesy of Anthony Malone.