Livestream comedic performance
coming in 2025

In robotics, the uncanny valley is a hypothesis which holds that when features look and move almost but not exactly like a human, it causes a response of revulsion. In CHRISY︎CHRISY, this thesis is put to the test, where an AI-sex-doll is made to act and look like, but not quite, the artist.

Picture a human CHRISY and a robot CHRISY, both dressed in dirty t’s and ripped sweatpants, lounging on a pleather loveseat with a smoke in front of the webcam. The series begins with a proper YouTube unboxing and gets progressively stranger as the artist dresses the robot in his likeness—a fake beard, curly wig, and triangle tattoos made with a Sharpie across the chest. They digress when human CHRISY peels back robot CHRISY’s silicon skin to reveal animatronics—all teeth, tongue, and detachable dicks like a sexy William S. Burroughs, Chunk E. Cheese nightmare.

Things climax when robot CHRISY is cut off from the Internet and their AI is rerouted to a local CHRISY database. How alike will they become? Who will be repulsed first? Might the robot unmask the human’s desire for connection, for touch? But for who, whom, and what? Is digisexuality just a talking dildo or a radical act of self-love?

CHRISY︎CHRISY will broadcast quarterly on YouTube, Twitch, Chaturbate, and THING (a platform co-created by the artist and his peers). Rotating the stream allows CHRISY to adapt the performance to the platform from UIs and agreements to PG and X audiences.