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2022 - present
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THING is a livestream network for artists … that’s more complicated than it sounds … with all the questions around what comes after web 2, we’re building and connecting in the spirit of web3 — decentralizing technology in the service of decentralizing power — without necessarily relying on crypto and blockchain.

Going live today relies on Big Tech. Their streaming apps and platforms are part of a 100 billion-dollar global industry that feeds on users. Any agency we may have — from how streams appear to how we’re paid, terms of service, and what social agreements exist between artists and audiences — is in service to their profits. THING is in here for artists and their audiences.

Acknowledgements: co-founders Bhavik Singh, Molly Soda,  Sarah Rothberg, and semi-anonymous friend; mentors Roderick Shrock and Mai Sutton; support Next Web Seed Grant (NEW INC and Meta Open Arts) and C/Change R&D Lab (Gray Area, Goethe Institute, and the Federal Foreign Office of Germany)