The Chrisy Show
Net art, performance
2020 - 2022

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The Chrisy Show was an intimate talk show livestreamed on Chaturbate. As host I provided space and time for those who are revolutionizing sex, while providing an opportunity to question the technology with which sex work is often entangled.

We chatted (sometimes naked) about piercings, pizza, music, affenpinschers, and my husband as well as gender, race, politics, social/sexual scripts, manufactured identities, even post-Internet, apocalyptic pessimism. Like camming in general, it was smart, perverse, fun, and dull at the same time. A comforting mix of intimacy that made change possible.

Acknowledgements: graphics nicole killian; music Robert Keith; mentor Peter Krask; support Eyebeam, NEW INC and the New Jersey State Council on the Arts; exhibitions NFS NSFW NFT, New Art City; review Art in America