The Chris Clary Show is a talk show on Chaturbate.

Chaturbate is a website where anyone with a computer and camera can work from home as an adult performer. Early adopters of the platform were usually unemployed, affected by economic crisis, and unafraid of exposing themselves for cash. More recently others have taken to Chaturbate to explore gender and sexuality beyond traditional pornography. Whether by choice or circumstance these are the people and this is the technology ushering in a new, digital sexual revolution.

Host Christopher Clary will queer things up, interviewing fellow cammers live on Chaturbate using Skype. Talking about teledildonics, digisexuality, relationships, intimacy, and capital in our post-Internet apocalyptic age. Imagining a future us, where “I can't lie. I've watched lesbian cams lately. And it makes me feel so weird. OMG, does this mean I'm straight? I'm really confused right now.”
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