The Chris Clary Show is a talk show on Chaturbate where guests explore sextech from a queer perspective

Debuting in 2020

Sextech is a 30-billion-dollar industry that no one talks about. Maybe because sex itself is still taboo and tech remains dominated by cis, straight white men. So the current ways they imagine bodies and identity have brought us to a boiling point of post-Internet apocalyptic pessimism where: a dating app continues to systematically delete and endanger a whole community of trans and non-binary persons who refuse to self-identify; a gay conference presenter hacked an interactive butt plug to demonstrate how easy it is to upload ransomware and weaponize its WiFi; and a trade association that promotes VR porn and sex robots for men revoked an award for a dildo designed by and for women.

There are other ways. Something more playful. Best expressed on a recent sextech podcast, “I can't lie. I've watched lesbian porn lately. And it makes me feel so weird. OMG, does this mean I'm straight? I'm really confused right now.” Sextech needs a safe place to get confused, queer, and off.