FkN JPGs is a series about pornographic narcissism that started as online performances that were later transformed into an archive, poetry, photography, and video art. What happens when you become what you desire? When images act as instruction? Episode 52, moonikakas.jpg is illustrated here. (2016-2020)

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Perform: Every week for a year Clary restaged a sexually suggestive scene from his jpeg pornography collection using special effects (green screens) and real transformations (prince albert piercing). The artist live-streamed the results to a sex chat website. Cam4 viewers saw the original jpeg that was posted as a profile pic, the live reenactment of it, and a chat box that allowed the artist and audience to interact.
Archive: Everything leading up to, during, and after each performance was collected. From Clary recording conversations he had to buy props. To the artist asking the audience to take and share photos of the performance. All of it was cataloged and posted to Tumblr.

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Video: some audience members went beyond just taking photos and used their smart phones to video the performances. Clary has been editing these clips with the chat to create something beyond a documentary. New storylines, new fantasies.

Publish: The artist worked with the poetry collective TROLL THREAD on a trilogy. Each book, in the publisher’s words, is a “how to” specific to the platforms Clary used. FkN JPGs on eBay documents the buying and selling of props. FkN JPGs on Cam4 presents the chat as poetry. And FkN JPGs on Tumblr is a photo book sourced from his audience. 

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Photograph: Clary is currently shooting two portfolios within the series. First are photographs of the props that have the original pornagraphic image embedded into the code of the jpeg — a practice called steganography. These hacked, haunted images will be sold on stock photography sites. Another suite includes life-size prints of the original jpeg with the person removed from the image. These were used as green-screen backdrops.
Edition: the artist versioned the series across two more platforms: iTunes and Print All Over Me. The first is a zip file of MP3s that Clary played during the performances. The cover art, song names, and lyrics were replaced with his porn and poetry. The second edition for PAOM is a silk scarf printed with a few lines of chat.  

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