Best of 2015: Our Top 10 Works of Internet Art. Paul Soulellis selected a 112 MB download by Christopher Clary, Sorry to dump on you like (2015), for the latest in Rhizome’s The Download series, and it’s powerful. Porn helped build the internet, and here we are given a big load of gay-related pics stripped of most of their metadata. Some are dated as early as 2001 and many of the images are popular images of well-known porn actors. The 1,861-file bundle is full of oddities, like pixelated photos, extreme close-ups, and humorous filenames (a photo of a man wearing a jock strap is titled ‘congratulations on your relationship.jpg’). Soulellis explains in his introduction: “Downloading can transform a public post into private property; to download may be political.” Here the act is political, social, sexual, and a lot of other things. There’s also something uninteresting about someone else’s stash of porn, it’s perverse and dull at the same time and there’s so much to unpack. Full text.