The <im>Perfect Moment<s> appropriates a Robert Mapplethrope photograph found in my pornography. We recast it with various Larrys and Bobbys for us to play with representation, desire something more, and hold my porn accountable. The 1-hour networked performances happen IRL while livestreaming to a sex camming website.

Version 3  Version 2  Version 1
The first version of The <im>Perfect Moment<s> was part of an earlier series. FkN JPGs was a weekly networked performance. The Mapplethorpe was one of several fine art photographs that felt different than the more vernacular images that I was using. We were invoking history and questioning what is photography. For 352_LarryBobbyKiss_1979web0.jpg I kissed Paul Soulellis, Rhizome curator, RISD professor, artist and friendThe title here is the original name of the jpeg downloaded from the web.  Photos courtesy of Anthony Malone.