The <im>Perfect Moment<s> appropriates a Robert Mapplethrope photograph found in my pornography. We recast it with various Larrys and Bobbys for us to play with representation, desire something more, and hold my porn accountable. The 1-hour networked performances happen IRL while livestreaming to a sex camming website.

Version 3  Version 2  Version 1
For the International Center of Photography I collaborated with shawné michaelain holloway over several months to find a way into the photo. Into what we and many see as problematic. She did so as a black, lesbian, leather woman with her boi friend, Paloma Gil, titled Larri & Bobbi Kissing. Their kiss radically silenced the audience allowing moments on the edge of Mapplethorpe — the <im>s and <s>s — to shine. Messy tech. Beers and protein bars. My instructions. Their whispers. Smiles. A final hug. Watch the panel. Read a review.
Produced for All Used Up, ICP, October 17, 2018. Photos courtesy of Jacque Donaldson, ICP. Video courtesy of Richard Louissaint.