Is this THING on?
platform, net art, performance
fall 2022

Livestreaming is a hundred billion dollar, global industry owned and controlled by Big Tech. Although streamers create the core value of these platforms, they/we have little agency, from how streams appear to how profits are shared, terms of service, and what social agreements exist between audience and streamers. “Is this THING on?” is a community-driven livestream network built in the spirit of web3 — decentralizing technology in the service of decentralizing power.

THING will start as a centralized network on Corporate clouds that will be progressively decentralized by public conversation and livestream events. This software-development-as-critical-performance will explore what exactly web3 is: blockchain versus webring, crypto versus dollars, DAOs versus co-ops. Eventually the network could be a web 1.0 inspired p2p webring, blockchain livestream platform, or something else entirely. Whatever THING becomes, let’s affect sociality, equity, creativity, and cultural exchange together.


Bhavik Singh
Christopher Clary
Molly Soda

Sarah Rothberg

Next Web Seed Grant from NEW INC and Meta Open Arts
C/Change R&D Lab from Gray Area, Goethe Institute, and the Federal Foreign Office of Germany

Looking for culture and tech partners to help with support, funding, and venues.


Thankful to be an Eyebeam fellow, NEW INC member, awarded by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, commissioned by Rhizome, supported by Meta Open Arts, exhibited at Les Rencontres d’Arles, sold at Art Book in China, collected by MoMA, reviewed in Art in America, and bested by Hyperallergic.