Is This Thing On is a queer online performance series broadcast on the first-ever distributed livestream website. Powered by community not capital, gamers, vloggers, sex cammers, and their audiences will stream future utopias safe from the reach of big tech.

Net art

Livestreaming is a hundred-billion-dollar industry that has grown two-fold during the pandemic. Queers are particularly Zoomed out; it’s time to imagine and create an Internet that exists for us modeled on community not capital, safe from the reach of big tech.

Is This Thing On reinvents streaming. Instead of a client/server model, the project website will be the first-ever distributed livestream network where the software and data is shared across audience computers using a peer-to-peer model. Community will power this queer utopia.

In his role as director, Clary will ask 18 invited gamers, vloggers, and sex cammers to envision their utopic stream. Together, how can we engender queer kinship across genres? Through workshopping, he’ll guide them into trios based on similar interests and support each group in developing their missions, community rules, and technical requirements. The end result will be six stagings of utopia.

Moreover, our futures will be ephemeral, equitable, and personalized. The project website will only be accessible every other month for one night via a sliding-scale donation. The architecture and technology will be tailored for each staging using a minimum of a home page and three livestream rooms with the goal of commingling the performers’ audiences. The series will debut in 2023.

Artist: Christopher Clary
Producer: Molly Soda
Technologist: Bhavik Singh