The <im>Perfect Moment<s> appropriates a Robert Mapplethrope photograph found in my pornography. We recast it with various Larrys and Bobbys for us to play with representation, desire something more, and hold my porn accountable. The networked performances happen IRL while livestreaming to a sex camming website.

Larri and Bobbi Kissing
You and Bobby Kissing
Larry and Bobby Not Kissing

For the International Center of Photography I collaborated with shawné michaelain holloway over several months to find a way into the Mapplethorpe photo Larry and Bobby Kissing. Into what we and many see as problematic. She did so as a black, lesbian, leather woman with her boi friend, Paloma Gil, titled Larri and Bobbi Kissing. Their kiss radically silenced the audience allowing moments on the edge of Mapplethorpe — the <im>s and <s>s — to shine. Messy tech. Beers and protein bars. My instructions. Their whispers. Smiles. A final hug. Watch the panel. Read a review. Photos courtesy of Jacque Donaldson, ICP. Video courtesy of Richard Louissaint.