Untitled (Larry and Bobby Kissing) is a series of performances and public art that adapts a 1979 black-and-white photograph by Robert Mapplethrope of a kiss between leather men. Recasting Larry and Bobby in each iteration results in differences of queer representation and intimacy—two ideas explored through living history.

Performance 4
Performance 3
Performance 2
Performance 1
Public Art

For the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, I was Bobby and the public was Larry. Anyone could kiss me. The “studio” was positioned in the back of the auditorium and the live-stream was projected on stage. Those who participated wore a leather jacket and kissed me until I felt them pull away. It was dead silent and surprisingly no one sat in the middle aisle between the kiss and its image—intimacy personified. Photos courtesy of Guaizine. Video courtesy of Thomas James, Palais de Tokyo.