Untitled (Larry and Bobby Kissing) is a series of participatory performances that explore queer representation and intimacy through reenacting a 1979 black-and-white photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe of a close-up kiss between two men wearing leather jackets. 

Performance 4
Performance 3
Performance 2
Performance 1
Public Art

For the International Center of Photography in New York, I collaborated with shawné michaelain holloway over several months to find a way into the Mapplethorpe photo Larry and Bobby Kissing. Into what we and many see as problematic. She did so as a black, lesbian, leather woman with her boi friend, Paloma Gil. The set-up was a reverse theater-in-the-round in that the performers and online projections, including several that faced the street, surrounded the audience. There was no formal start or stop and everything could be seen: messy tech, beers and protein bars, my instructions, their whispers, smiles, and final hugs. Watch the panel. Read a review. Photos courtesy of Jacque Donaldson, ICP. Video courtesy of Richard Louissaint.