I started to download porn off the web from sex and social sites in the late 90s. The jpegs were buried deep in a folder named porn. A hundred images grew to one then two thousand and inevitably the images spilled over into the studio. My first artwork made from the archive was wallpaper.

I wanted to see everyone at once but instead I saw a pattern. This was me without picturing me.

The wallpaper is made with 1,860 images arranged in Photoshop using a contact sheet filter, pre-Google. The pattern is printed on newspaper to intentionally yellow and rip.

Wallpaper installed at ABC No Rio, a progressive punk-rock collective in New York. This photo was taken years after the initial install just before the building was demolished. ABC saved the bathroom walls for their archive.

Wallpaper installed for Gay Men Play at the NY Photo Festival.

Wallpaper installed for Discovery Award nomination at Les Rencontres d'Arles, France.