Sorry to dump on you like recirculates my pornography collection and love letters. 1,860 jpegs tell a story filename-by-filename of love, lust, heartbreak, and banality from emails and text messages dated 1999 to 2015 — the same years when I was actively downloading porn. 2015 to 2017.


Each jpeg icon in the zip was printed onto a sheet. The sheets were inserted into plastic sleeves and collated across 10 binders. I sell individual sheets to disrupt the master narrative and circulate printed jpegs. The binders were used in several performances. For Re: Art Show in Brooklyn they were placed on music stands and installed in 10 rooms. A mic and speaker accompanied each book. The audience was asked to browse, read, and listen. By the end of the exhibition most of the binders had intentionally split open — spilling jpegs onto the floor.

Photos courtesy of Erin Davis. Video courtesy of Anthony Malone.