The Chrisy Show is hiring talent scouts! Do you use Chaturbate regularly? Are you obsessed with particular performers? Let’s get them on the show as a guest. We’re especially looking for queer talent. However you define “queer” and “talent”—we value your perspective and want to lift up underrepresented communities both on and off Chaturbate.

As a scout you’ll be paid $200 for eight hours of work that will include chatting with Chrisy, researching Chaturbate, and sharing your picks. We won’t ask you to contact performers and we know desire is quite personal, so we’ve created a way of doing this work anonymously. If you’re interested and available in August follow the below directions. Chrisy will respond to your email within a week.

The application is private and secure. We’re using a zero knowledge, open-source online pastebin. This means information is encrypted locally before it’s stored on the server, decrypted locally when Chrisy reads it, and deleted thereafter from the server.

1. Click to open a new message. 
2. Type out your answers to the application questions.
3. Set the message to expire after 1 day, burn after reading, and use the password “chrisy” (on a mobile phone these settings can be accessed through the top-right menu icon).
4. Hit the send button.
5. Hit the email button.
6. Send the link to (don’t send the password in the email).
Application questions:

How long have you been using Chaturbate or similar sites (years, months)?

How many hours a week?

What do you use these sites for (chat, masturbation, no right or wrong answers here, it's all cool)?

When do you normally log on to Chaturbate or other similar sites (time of day, state of mind—go deeper than horny)?

Has your use of these sites changed you (habits, sex, opinions)?

How do the performers you watch self identify?

Describe their personality?

If one of your talent picks was on the show what would you like to see her/him/them do?

And talk about?
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