The <im>Perfect Moment<s>

Continues my interest in live-streaming iconic homoerotic images from photographers like Robert Mapplethorpe, John Coplans, and Minor White. Reenacting such images allows for a living history. A chance to open, question, and allow more audiences to specifically access The Perfect Moment, the title of Mapplethorpe’s retrospective that defined the culture wars of the 1990s.

I’m currently researching this time specific to the making of Mapplethorpe, the man and myth. And how it mirrors the history of live-streaming as a technology. A medium. A way to explore and play with the gay canon. To queer it. 

© 2018 Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation

I was invited to perform 352_LarryBobbyKiss_1979web0.jpg for the Paris Ass Book Fair at the Palais de Tokyo. I was Bobby and the public was Larry. Anyone could kiss me.

The IRL kiss was positioned in the back of the auditorium and the camera live-streamed to an adult website. The stream was projected to the front stage.

As was the case for my FkN JPGs project, the audience at home and on their phones was encouraged to document themselves watching the performance.

I will be restaging 352_LarryBobbyKiss_1979web0.jpg with special guest shawné michaelain holloway at the International Center of Photography in New York on October 17. ICP link to come.