The <im>Perfect Moment<s>

A networked perfomance that recreates the Robert Mapplethorpe photograph, Larry and Bobby Kissing in IRL and livestreamed to Cam4, a sex website.

I’m recirculating this iconic image as something other than fine art photography. Something more than Larry and Bobby Kissing. Something playfully pornographic. I invoke Mapplethorpe as a platform to research, question, and further — or “queer” — what has been historically the type of work and identities used to represent the LGBTQ art cannon.

Version 10.17.18
Larri and Bobbi Kissing
International Center of Photography

shawné michaelain holloway kissed Paloma Gil. The IRL kiss was positioned in the museum foyer between several projections of the Cam4 livestream, including two large windows facing out on the Bowery. 

Read Bernard Yenelouis’ review of my ICP performance.

Version 03.17.18
You and Bobby Kissing 
Palais de Tokyo

I kissed the public. Each audience member donned a leather jacket and kissed me until I felt them pull away. The IRL performance was positioned in the back of the Salle 37 auditorium and the Cam4 stream was projected to the stage.

Version 06.26.16

I kissed Paul Soulellis. This first performance was originally produced for another series of mine. FkN JPGs was a weekly Cam4 performance where I recreated images from my pornography collection. The title here is the original name of the jpeg downloaded from the web.