The <im>Perfect Moment<s> appropriates a Robert Mapplethrope photograph found in my pornography. We recast it with various Larrys and Bobbys for us to play with representation, desire something more, and hold my porn accountable. The networked performances happen IRL while livestreaming to a sex camming website.

Larri and Bobbi Kissing
You and Bobby Kissing
Larry and Bobby Not Kissing

At the Palais de Tokyo for You and Bobby Kissing, I was Bobby and the public was Larry. Anyone could kiss me. Those who participated wore a leather jacket and kissed me until I felt them pull away. The performance was positioned in the back of the Salle 37 auditorium and the Cam4 stream was projected to the stage. This version really challenged the audience IRL because no one was safe as a voyeur. At one point I made a kissy-kissy noise to invite the next Larry to sit on my knee. It broke the silence with a laugh. Photos courtesy of Guaizine. Video courtesy of Thomas James, Palais de Tokyo.