Error 404: Kevin
steganographic color JPGs, 1200x1200 pixels, 5-10mb; edition of six unique NFTs; self-published

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Error 404: Kevin is a series of resurrected dead links. Each NFT presents a link from a 90s porn site as it appears today in its broken state. Luckily, back then, I archived the site so Kevin isn’t “not found”. The preview image and all the images from the destination page are hidden in the code using steganography that’s as basic as the photos are low-res. Simply download the JPG on IPFS and use the terminal command “unzip” to retrieve the images. It’s okay to do so without purchasing, just please pay Kevin. He may be dead (and the copyright has passed) but the Kevins of today need support.

I’m asking everyone — collectors, freeloaders, and lurkers — to donate to a sex-positive non-profit. 99% of my commissions are going to Pineapple Support, an organization that provides free support and therapy service for all persons working in the adult online industry. Or donate to these worthy causes: Adult Performer Advocacy Committee advocates for the adult film industry in matters that affect our health, safety, and community; The Center for Sex Positive Culture creates spaces to celebrate, develop, and explore sexuality and sensuality among a diverse, supportive community; Sex Workers Outreach Project is a national network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of sex workers and their communities; International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture, and Education is a resource center and agent for the collection and preservation of art by and about sex workers.