Open: Kevin
self-published in 2019
Java application saved onto damaged DVD with jewel case, 5.59 x 4.92 inches
edition of 50
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A Java application commissioned by The Goodwink Conspiracy recreates a 90s habit of mine of trying to find the perfect Kevin on my computer. The software loops — opening and counting jpegs in perpetuity until the computer slows and is unable to render any Kevins. In the end, only the tech remains.  

The edition includes a DVD of the application and supporting documents. Each disc is personalized like carving a lover’s name into a tree. Damage and access to the data differs from disk to disk. If unable to access the application because of the scratch marks, the DVD sleeve includes a URL to download the application, instructions, and a warning — by opening the application you acknowledge and understand Open: Kevin may freeze your computer and fully waive and release the artist and his associates from any and all claims.

Acknowledgements: commission The Goodwink Conspiracy; exhibitions
Archive as Artificial Scenery in Photobooks, abC