Queering the Collection
ICP, New York

Over a year the ICP Library collectively produced more than six in-house library installations and events considering representation in libraries at large. The success of this initiative resulted in an increase of the ICP Library’s holdings of queer, gender non-binary imagemakers, and artists of color.

Workshop: I hosted a show-and-tell workshop where ten artists and collectives presented work that ranged from a zine project that documents the death of nine men at a 1970s gay bathhouse to a journal that promotes critical engagement with contemporary art and politics.

Book Launch: the ICP Library collaborated with Be Oakley of GenderFail, along with Christopher Clary, Patricia Silva, and many other participating artists, curators, and bookmakers, to publish a book that documents the series. The launch at ICP was moderated by Paul Soulellis, founder of Library of the Printed Web, who also wrote the book’s introduction.

Acknowledgements: organizers Christopher Clary, Be Oakley of GenderFail, Emily Dunne of ICP Library, and Patricia Silva of Larker; artists Aaron Krach, Andy Wentz & Mylo Mendez of unbag, Anthony Malone, Christopher Clary, Linda LaBeija, Marcelo Gabriel Yáñez of Picture Newspaper, Molly Soda, Patricia Silva of Larker, Philip Tomaru of Practice, and Shiv Kotecha; photography Claudine Boeglin and Jacque Donaldson for ICP