Sorry to dump on you like
Net art, performance, video, photography, books, edition
2015 - 2017

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Sorry to dump on you like this started as a zip file that was commissioned by Rhizome to debut their series The Download. Curator Paul Soulellis wrote, “Again and again, the work asks us — now that we’ve downloaded — is it ours? Who do we decide to keep or discard through time? These stories are an offering of sorts: characters once loved, now staged as daddies and bears, cigars and cocks. The object-files of Sorry to dump on you like this travel through networked relations, but settle into hard drives like angry ghosts.”

The zip is a marriage of two archives that were both amassed over 15 years at the beginning of the web: 1,860 pornographic jpegs from social/sexual sites and the emails/text messages to/from men that I was dating and fucking. Both collections were sorted chronologically and the 1st jpeg was renamed with the 1st sentence, the 2nd jpeg was renamed with the 2nd sentence, and so on. When a personal name was mentioned, I replaced it with the original file name such as “do you, in your heart, your soul, your head, truely love BEAR0033.jpg”. The zip file was then versioned across various media.

Acknowledgements: support Rhizome (New York); acquisition MoMA (New York), Whitney (New York), Walker (Minneapolis), ETH (Zurich); exhibitions ETH (Zurich), ICP (New York), Andreas Schmidt Galerie (Berlin), Re: Art Show (New York); performances Babycastles (New York), NY Art Book Fair (New York), MISS READ (Berlin), and Re: Art Show (New York); audio Anthony Malone, Max C Lee, and Paul Soulellis