An interdiscipliary artist using pornography. Porn is messy, coded, and a precarious queer sanctuary. My performances, photography, poetry, and digital works ask of me and the audience to think differently. To desire a new sense of wanting and becoming and being in the world, not of it.

My curatorial practice brings together disparate artists and writers of the undercommons. I’ve evolved a safe space exhibition that was produced for The Wrong digital art biennial into several events on appropriation, intersectional trauma, and the end of network culture.

My porn-novella zip file, a Rhizome commission was named best individual work of Internet art by Hyperallergic and acquired by the Whitney Musuem of American Art and the Museum of Modern Art. I’ve performed at art book fairs, academic conferences, and museums including the Palais de Tokyo and International Center of Photography. My photos have been exhibited in the US and Europe including the Rencontres d’Arles for their Discovery Award.


Photo credits: Anthony Malone, Bernd Kusatz, Christopher Clary, Claudine Boeglin, Guaizine, Jacque Donaldson (courtesy of International Center of Photography), Jade Doskow, JimC, moosenyc, Paul Soulellis, Porpentine, Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, Signe Pierce & Alli Coats, Stephan Ruiz, William E. Jones, and Zachary Kaplan