Emergency Readings. It would be wrong to say we're reading because of the current state of emergency. The underrepresented and underserved know this less as a state then it just is and always has been. We read to check one's state. To point out flaws. To exaggerate them publicly. We care not if they listen because we read to claim space. Real and otherwise — heterotopias. Our books are in flux, algorithmic, out-of-print, on loan, PDF only, spiral bound, damaged by the printer, and printed poorly. We barely exist. But exist we do, together with books pulled from the ICP Library because a book, a read collaborates with or rallies against.

Event and Exhibition
International Center of Photography Museum and Library
May 21 - June 20, 2018

Curated and hosted by Christopher Clary as part of Queering the Collection for the ICP Library. Artists included: Allison Parrish, American Artist, Christopher Clary, Morehshin Allahyari, Nora Khan, Paul Soulellis, Porpentine Charity Hearstscape, Shiv Kotecha, Vanessa Place, and William E. Jones. Read an interview. Download the reading list. Photos courtesy of Claudine Boeglin.