There are men in my pornography collection that consume me and Kevin has been an obsession for years. The photographs themselves aren’t particularly hard-core but he taps into a raw masculinity that most people find repugnant.

A collector who ran from my installation in Arles, France went as far to say violent. For my Discovery Award nomination at Les Rencontres d’Arles I recreated my desktop at 3,000%.

The video version of Kevin shifts how the desktop feels from monumental to anxious. Here the preview application is caught in a loop of opening and counting to infinity until the computer slows. Then freezes.

My search for Kevin online and IRL eventually led to canvassing New Orleans. But before the posters and fliers went up I learned that Kevin was dead.

For a solo show at Practice I eulogized Kevin by leaving the main gallery empty. His classified ad was postered to the back of the wall facing the closet. The audience was asked to write a post-humorous love letter, mail it to his advertised address, and send a copy to the gallery. These images were used in the book Write: Kevin.