Open: Kevin
Publisher: self
Edition: 50
Production: Application saved onto used, damaged DVD, with jewel case, overall 5.59 x 4.92 inches, 2019

Price: $30

The Open: Kevin application with supporting documents are saved onto a used DVD. Each disc is personalized like carving a lover’s name into a tree. Damage and access to the data differs from disk to disk. If you’re unable to access the application because of the scratch marks, the DVD sleeve includes a URL to download the application.

Go to and download Java for desktop. Install Java. Right click Kevin.jar and open file. Break it.

This application uses pornographic images. Open: Kevin will run in perpetuity, slow memory, and/or freeze the computer. To quit out of the application use the cancel button, force quit, or power off. By opening the application you acknowledge and understand Open: Kevin may freeze your computer and fully waive and release the artist and his associates from any and all claims.