The Chrisy Show
net art, performance

The Chrisy Show is an intimate talk show livestreamed on Chaturbate about webcam culture. Host Christopher Clary provides space and time for those who are revolutionizing sex, while providing an opportunity to question the technology with which sex work is often entangled. We chat (sometimes naked) about piercings, pizza, music, affenpinschers, and Chrisy’s husband as well as gender, race, politics, social/sexual scripts, manufactured identities, even post-Internet, apocalyptic pessimism. Like camming in general, it’s smart, perverse, fun, and dull at the same time. A comforting mix of intimacy that makes change possible.

Come chill with us. We attract a family of mature folk. We don’t have topics. There is no climax. Just lots of meandering. Ask about the bunny cam. And when you’re there, tips help pay guests and the people behind the camera including our designer, technologist, DJ, and video artist. Thanks and cheers.


Eyebeam fellowship
NEW INC membership

New Art City

Looking to partner with galleries, cultural organizations, tech companies, even bath houses to tour Chrisy.


Thankful to be commissioned by Rhizome, supported by Eyebeam, awarded by the New Jersey Council on the Arts, exhibited at Les Rencontres d’Arles, bested by Hyperallergic, and collected by MoMA.