The Chrisy Show is a talk show live-streamed on Chaturbate about webcam culture. Host Christopher Clary provides space and time for those who are revolutionizing sex, while providing an opportunity to question the technology with which sex work is often entangled. (2020-ongoing)

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In the midst of a COVID-19 global shutdown sex is in the news lately because we’re having more (or less) of it. And some of the 50 million recently unemployed in the U.S. are doing it online for cash.

Mileena for The New York Times said, “On my first night I actually cried on camera accidentally. I didn’t mean to but we were talking about the quarantine and it was right after it had happened. A couple of people were like ‘hey, you’re helping me get through this right now, thank you’. So it’s like, there’s genuine human connection. We’re not just ruthless sex machines. We’re people.”

Chrisy brings together sex workers, lifestyle cammers, and viewers (usually naked, sometimes masturbating) to chat about piercings, pizza, music, affenpinschers, and Chrisy’s husband as well as gender, race, politics, social/sexual scripts, manufactured identities, even post-Internet, apocalyptic pessimism. Like camming in general, it’s smart, perverse, drawn-out, and dull at the same time. A comforting mix of intimacy that makes change possible.

Darius for Future of Sex Podcast said, “I can’t lie. I’ve watched lesbian cams lately. It makes me feel so weird. OMG, does this mean I’m straight? I’m really confused (laughter).”

The show is inspired by people like Darius and Mileena. And all the cammers who troll their bios by checking every box (men, women, trans, couples, married, single) and refusing to be data (located in “hell”, body type “easy-bake oven”, language “Klingon”). But can we truly resist Chaturbate — a literal expression of surveillance capitalism? Will those of us who continue to cam after COVID-19 become “ruthless sex machines”? 

The project is produced at Eyebeam as a fellow of Rapid Response for a Better Digital Future and NEW INC as a member of Art & Code in partnership with Rhizome.