Emergency Readings
ICP Musuem
May 24, 2018

ICP Library
May 21 - June 20, 2018

It would be wrong to say we're reading because of the current state of emergency. The underrepresented and underserved know this less as a state then it just is and always has been. We read to check one's state. To point out flaws. To exaggerate them publicly. We care not if they listen because we read to claim space. Real and otherwise — heterotopias.

Our books are in flux, algorithmic, out-of-print, on loan, PDF only, spiral bound, damaged by the printer, and printed poorly. We barely exist. But exist we do, together with books pulled from the ICP Library because a book, a read collaborates with or rallies against.

Allison Parrish’s Our Arrival
Paired with Carly Steinbrunn‘s The Voyage of Discovery 

American Artist’s Black Gooey Universe
Paired with Robert Slater‘s Portraits in Silicon 

Christopher Clary’s FkN JPGs on Cam4
Paired with William Mortensen’s Monsters & Madonnas 

Morehshin Allahyari’s A Discourse on ‘Cosy Catastrophism’
Paired with Kim Kardashian’s Selfish and Rosi Braidotti‘s Metamorphoses 

Nora Khan’s Simulating Control 
Paired with Donovan Wylie‘s The Maze 

Paul Soulellis‘ Steve, Harvey and Matt, 
Paired with Sebastian Hutchinson‘s [NOPE 45] 

Porpentine Charity Hearstscape’s Psycho Nymph Exile
Paired with Anouk Kruithof‘s Automagic 

Shiv Kotecha’s The Unlovable
Paired with Mishka Henner‘s No Man’s Land 

Vanessa Place’s Boycott
Paired with William E. Jones‘ Killed  

William E. Jones’ Tearoom
Paired with Anonymous‘ Album 1507 

Emergency Readings is curated and hosted by Christopher Clary as part of Queering the Collection for the ICP Library. The series was originally conceived by Emily Dunne of ICP and Brett Erich Suemnicht of GenderFail as an intervention. GenderFail is a publishing and programming initiative featuring the perspectives of queer and trans people and people of color. The hope at ICP Library is to present work of and outside the collection as a way to excavate and acquire new material as well as to expand the voices of artists in the collection.

The event was produced by Claudine Boeglin of ICP Lab. The series is a new home at the museum for visual storytellers to experiment with technology and create interactive and immersive experiences.